Our Family Taking Care of Your Family

U.S. Window Factory was established by Bert and Carla Kuonqui, along with their three sons George, Richard and Chris in Norcross, GA in January 2003. As veterans of window manufacturing in the demanding markets of the North, they saw the need for energy efficient replacement windows in this expanding Atlanta market and the critical absence of quality windows produced locally.

Once established as the trusted leader in the window replacement industry, other products and services were being requested by our loyal homeowners. We are now not just a window factory, we offer a full line of home improvement products and services.

Since its founding, our family’s business, U.S. Window Factory, has earned the loyalty of thousands of Georgia homeowners and our growth has come from their recommendations to friends and family. We look forward to serving our home state of Georgia for generations to come.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Our Goal Is to Exceed Your Expectations

  • When you request an appointment, we will accommodate your schedule.
  • Our representative will arrive on time.
  • We will listen to your needs and inspect every window and door.
  • We will then present you with solutions. In some instances, there may be multiple options for you to consider.
  • We will then give you pricing. Of course, we will ask if we can earn your business.
  • Every commitment will be in writing.
  • We will then have our expert measure technician visit your home to ensure the measurements are accurate. He/she will also make note if any special materials are needed.
  • We will then manufacture your windows and/or doors to the proper specifications.
  • Once completed, we will call you to schedule the installation of your custom-made windows and/or doors.
  • Our expert craftsmen will then install your windows and/or doors in a workman like manner, treating your house like it was their own.
  • Once our experts are finished, they will ask you to inspect the work and show you that everything operates as promised.
  • When they leave, all the old materials and debris will leave with them. Your home and yard will be left clean.

We Can’t Speak for Everyone Else, But This Is What We Won’t Do

  • We won’t waste your time.
  • We won’t promise something that we can’t deliver.
  • We won’t offer you, “the special today only price.”
  • We won’t call a manager to get some fictitious discount.
  • We won’t pull a phony coupon out of our pocket.
  • We won’t start your installation and then disappear for days.

We won’t disappoint you!

Looking for More Information?

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